Supervised Apartment Living

The Supervised Apartment Living (S.A.L.) clustered-sites are located in an area that offers multiple employment opportunities such as grocery stores, restaurants, clothing stores, etc. The sites are within close proximity to the major bus line so that youth can easily access medical, dental, educational, recreational and vocational opportunities. It is our goal to assist youth in their transition to adulthood and independence by equipping them with the skills necessary for successful independent living. The SAL program works with males and females ages 16 1/2 through their 19th birthday and to continue in the SAL program past the age of 18, a youth must be working on completing high school or their GED and sign a DHS voluntary foster care placement agreement.

Current clustered sites are locations are as follows:
  • 2  houses for boys in Des Moines
  • 1 for girls in Des Moines
  • 1 for boys in Iowa City.
Other Community Based Services available at WCBS include:
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