School Based Mental Health Services

A school based mental health program is like a mental health office inside of a school. Woodward Community Based Services (WCBS) offers a school based mental health program that provides on-site mental health services targeting students who are struggling with emotional and behavioral difficulties. The program collaborates with educators and school social workers, to identify students with mental health concerns. WCBS will then follow up on the referral with the students guardian to collaborate services such as individual therapy, treatment groups, family counseling, and crisis interventions on the school campus. If the student is not comfortable on the school campus an additional location is also provided at WCBS 611 5th Ave, Ground Floor, Des Moines, IA 50309.

WCBS feels that school based mental health programs are important in this environment to keep issues from affecting emotional, academic, or physical development. By providing relief from symptoms earlier rather than later, preventing long term problems, improving academic performance and enhancing personal relationships with educators, family and friends.

Other Community Based Services available at WCBS include:
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