Success Stories at WCBS

Check out our SUCCESS story! We love to celebrate the children and families we work with, and hearing about their positive change is the BEST! Thank you to our staff for taking the time to share the good news!

"For the past 5 months, we have been working with a 16 year old male client. He was placed on probation for criminal mischief, struggled at home with following rules, attending school on a regular basis, and there was suspicion of drug use. He was placed on an ankle monitor as he wasn’t where he was supposed to be and associating with unhealthy peers. Our client began dropping dirty UA’s on a weekly basis and took little responsibility for his drug use. He also continued to violate his probation agreement on many occasions and was showing everyone involved in his life that he did not appear to care about anything in his life.

Two weeks ago a parent meeting was held to discuss our clients concerns. He was given strict expectations to follow as his 6 month probation date was soon approaching. Our staff was concerned their client wouldn’t follow through with these expectations because his actions show us that he didn’t appear to care about the consequences in front of him.

Within the past 2 weeks our client has attended school on a daily basis, earned 3 credits, applied and started working at subway. His UA’s are close to clean and has followed through with everything that has been asked of him. He will be getting his ankle monitor off and has shown in 2 weeks time that he does care and can be a positive peer within the community. His respect towards our staff and his teachers at school has improved. Our staff always told the client he has the ability to change his negative ways. He has proven to himself the in this short amount of time that he is capable of doing anything he puts his mind to!

This is why we do what we do everyday, we are happy to be a part of the change for this client and hope to assist many more in need of guidance and positive mentorship!"

Submitted by Emily Nelson

Success Stories at WCBS

Please read about the story of our past client “Abby" and remember that even though it may not always seem like it, the smallest gestures of help do matter. (The name of our client has been changed to protect her confidentiality)

Abby came to us because of a substance abuse problem, in dire need of help and not knowing where to get it or what to do next. We were able to assess the situation right away and through a substance abuse evaluation with Abby, it was identified thatshe had problems with abuse and dependence of methamphetamines, inhalants, other stimulants and alcohol. We offered help to Abby in the form of substance abuse treatment and she accepted, but it wasn’t that easy. Abby had multiple barriers to overcome with her addiction including an unhealthy relationship, the stress of being a single parent to her daughter, trying to work and make ends meet, while still getting in to us for her treatment sessions. It was not a perfect scenario for anyone, but Abby stuck with it even through relapses and an emergency room visit to the hospital that was use related. We even tried to get Abby into inpatient treatment on 4 different occasions due to her level of use, however everyone of them was full with a waiting list or she was not eligible, so we continued to treat her. Good news came to us a couple of weeks ago when we received a “thank you” email from Abby's mother and it made us extremely happy and proud. Abby has now been clean and sober for about 4 months, has reconnected with her family, discontinued the unhealthy relationships and is spending more quality time with her young daughter. Congratulations to Abby for putting in the hard work on making life changes that are never easy. We wish you nothing but the best and are always here if you need help in any way! Lastly, a big pat on the back and nice job to our substance abuse counselor Kristin, who never gave up on Abby!

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