Woodward Community Based Services Opportunities

Positions open at this time:

Supervised Apartment Living Case Manager in Des Moines area

Supervised Apartment Living Youth Counselor in Iowa City, Iowa and Des Moines, Iowa

5th District Tracking and Monitoring Specialist in Indianola and Chariton, Iowa and surrounding areas

BHIS in Council Bluffs, Iowa and surrounding areas

Direct Line Staff Re-Entry in Des Moines area

Part Time BHIS in Clarinda, Des Moines, Boone/Ames, Greenfield areas

Part Time Clinical Therapist Council Bluffs and Indianola areas

If you are interested in applying for a position, please send your resume and cover letter to:

Marcia Dodds
FAX (515) 438-3756

Click here for an application. (PDF file attached)